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Awiiya- Don't Read Please

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As some of you may already know, Awiiya has retired from LHO.

I owe him many thanks.
When I needed help, he would very carefully give me just enough information so I could find my own way.
This was and still is a tremendous help to me.
In gratitude I would like to hold a party in his honor.

Awiiya's Retirement Party
Great Hall of the Sun
Friday Day 92, Year 5
Time 3:00 to 7:00
Bring your favorite Awiiya stories.

(if anyone would like to help with refreshments and music, I would be very Thankful)


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[quote name='Kamisha']
Um... this has happened before and nobody invited the guest of honor. Needless to say it was rather dead.

[quote name='Handy Pockets' date='29 March 2010 - 05:16 AM' timestamp='1269832568' post='57109']
Awiiya's Retirement Party
Great Hall of the Sun
[b]Friday[/b] Day [b]92[/b], Year 5

Today is Moday, day 87 :P

I think it is safe to say the guest of honor is invited.

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i wish to say about my feelings regarding Awiiya

He has allways been there in game to help me if i asked, Someone who When active holds a great intellectual conversation.
i did not require him as an LHO but i believe it is a great loss to the team, as the values he holds strong are important indeed!

i feel, when interacting with him, that he gives enough information whilst still holding a lot of mystery back, furthering peoples interest in MD in a whole, a very hard thing to do! and i certainly appreciate it!

Very intellectual!

these are the things i value most from Awiiya, and i feel will be missed from the LHO team.


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