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Project: Utob


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[b]The secret has been lifted![/b]

This is a project, to gather a bunch of stories of passed events with Zleiphneir and/or Bob at the path of loneliness! These are the untold tales of Bob, means, all those events that happened there with YOU, shall be told in the point of view of Bob the tree.
The purpose of this project (I don’t like to call it quest because it is more behind it) to show Zleiphneir as a player, that he might be away from MD, for which reasons it might be, but we won´t forget him that easily. It is somehow a tribute to his character and the place he stays, the path of loneliness and finally – to Bob the tree.

You might have tried to burn him, brake branches, watered him, hugged him, sang to him and so on….tell this in a wonderful little story like you where Bob and experienced this event. Maybe you can’t see, maybe you can’t even hear or feel. Describe your way of Bob realizing this one event you choose! But it has to be a true event, nothing invented! Maybe you just stood there as something happened between others and Bob, so just write it down! Try to explain, why you have chosen this event.
Facts:[/b] Write a existing or past story in Bob´s point of view(might be poetry as well, but a good one, please!) [u]Try to keep it like a short story, so dont give me book to read and judge, but a good story might fill some space.[/u]
[b]Additional:[/b] Paint a picture of the event as well
[b]Timeline:[/b] I am planning to get this real quick done, so time would be the until 19th of April!

This project goes out to everyone, but especially to the guardians, so called guardians, good friends and the worst enemies of Zleiphneir/Bob as well. Even a new and fresh player may have some event to tell.

The final elected inputs will be put together and shall be published later on. This will be a big surprise for all, stay tuned therefore! The final project will get a permanent part of the MD world for sure, no quest-and-gone thing!

Entries please only via forum pm (no post please!)or email (email address only on demand), only one entry allowed, include your [u]Player-ID[/u] and name there:

Keep in mind, this is not a thing for rewards in first place, then for the MD community itself!
[b]But: [/b]There will be some rewards from different sources as well, what kind of, I can´t say until now, but it will be sure worthy I guess, nothing [color="#FF0000"]mur[/color] to say :P

I am looking forward for your works, your feedback as well.

Thank you

Yours Blackwood

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[b]A new reward has been added:

The moste outstanding story submitted (in a positve way!) will achive a write medal! YES folks, its true!

Therefore I am willing to tell the already submitted entries to update their entries if the want, means you have to allowance to submit again![/b]

@MODS - please delete Sages entry and my previous, thank you!

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I do have plenty of stories to share, but the time is rather limited for me to submit any. Yet I am willing to speak of them and there is no need to reward them. Just being present when various events happened near Bob, just being able to see Zleiphneir's reactions and just being one of Bob's guardians is valued much more than any reward for me.

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The project is almost finished, MODS please close this topic.

The entries will be published in MD manors in some way, if somebody[b] does NOT want [/b]to be published with his entry, tell me [color="#FF0000"][b]ASAP[/b][/color]! If no feedback arrives me, I assume you agree with it.

Results shall be shown in the right section later.

Thank you all for your work and effort, in the end, I hope you all will like it and understand.

Yours Blackwood

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