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It's Come To My Attention...


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It's come to my attention that for one reason or another, i have an alt which has approximately 16 TS's, these are heavily aged, though i cant recall offhand how much they have.

Now, obviously it would be alt abuse to sell them to profit my main account, and as you lot probably know by now, i am heavily against alt abuse.

So i would like to use these TS's to sponser someones quest, could be multiple people, doesnt really matter to me so long as all the TS's are used, if you have an outline of a quest idea you were looking for rewards for please either reply here or message me with details, including how many TS's you'd require for it and i'll provide them to the winners once the quest is over (if i agree, the quest has to have a certain standard). Priority goes to what i believe are likely to be better quests.

For general noobs, TS = Tormented Soul

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it's quite likely, pm me game/forum with breif outline/details of quest and how many you'd want for it please

LE: btw, the ones i have atm are;

As of; Apr 27 22:00
CTC531910IMTAW98MDC - 286
CTC545943AXIMH42MDC - 270
CTC550841ADATC17MDC - 257
CTC556696TAROZ76MDC - 240
CTC572189SEARW84MDC - 205

(was about a second away from posting the full ctc's without realising)

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Well, I can use an aged TS for personal collection, and since you don't want to sell them.. well, how bout I "buy" them for some silver, which you can then give to someone to use as reward on a quest? xD

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lol Ud, nono, because the silver would have to go somewhere in the meanwhile, and i would probably end up forgetting that some of the silver on my account "wasnt mine"

I think they're all taken up now, Fenrir wanted quite a few...

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