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Editing Scriptable Invintory Items

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As I am one of the (currently 5, 2 who bought it, the other 3 gifted it) who are able to edit the scriptable invintory items, if you wish to have your item scripted, please send me a pm, with preferably the script itself you want for it, but if you can't get that then just a description of what you want it to be able to do should be fine as well, this service won't be open until the actions specificly for invintory items are available, or you already have a script that you want to have on the item using the currently available functions(you must have the specific script for it or I won't edit it, at least not until after the extra functions become available) NOTE: you will have to temperarily give up your item so I, or one of the others who is able to edit them, can inizialize the item to us so we can edit it when you have it(I think we can edit them when others have them as long as they have been initialized.. anyone know for sure?) but the item will be returned promptly(feel free to take us up in court if we fail to return your item, but please make sure you send us a pm about it first so we can attempt to avoid it going to court)

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