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A Writers Soul

Sasha Lilias

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[u][b]A writers soul[/b][/u]

My quest is simple.
All you must do is write.
To begin choose a category from below and send me a pm.
Then I shall write who has entered beneath each subtitle.
The categories are as follows;
[color="#FF0000"][u]A Bards Poem[/u][/i]
[color="#FF0000"][*][s]Meru Chi[/s]-Received
[*]Lord Beta Wolfeyes
[*][s]Fyrd Argentus[/s]-Received
[*]Keith Moon
[*]Phantom Orchid

[color="#FFA500"][i][u]A Muses Song[/u][/i]
[*][s]Meru Chi[/s]-Received
[*][s]Fyrd Argentus[/s]-Recived
[*]Phantom Orchid
[*][s]Sir Kamil[/s]-Recieved

A Writers Story[/u][/i]
[*][s]Fyrd Argentus[/s]-Recieved
[*]Blackwood Forest
[*]Phantom Orchid

Each category will only have ONE winner and a different prize to another.
The prizes are these;
[i][u][color="#FF0000"]A Bards Poem-[/u][/i][/color] 1 Gold
[i][u][color="#FFA500"]A Muses Song-[/u][/i][/color] Banjo
[i][u][color="#708090"]A Writers Story-[/u][/i][/color] A BloodPact Archer

[b]Note: You MAY enter for more than one category but you can only win ONE prize.
[color="#FF0000"]NO ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS![/u][/color]

All pieces must be original. Any copying will gain you a PERMANANT ban from this and any future quests.

This contest shall be up for two weeks.

Started-00:52 25/04/10

Please send final entries by 15/05/10!

[color="#000080"]Note: To know what to write look at the subtitle. Ie Muses Song- Write a Song.

[size="6"]Please feel free to add your entries for all to see! Thankyou for participating![/size][/color]

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[color="#0000FF"][size="5"]SO! The big moment. Who has won each section? Well here is where you find out![/size]

I am NOT going to be entering everyones writings but if they wish to do so then they may. Here I will be giving the scorings for each section, so, here we go.[/color]

[color="#FF0000"][u]A bards poem [/u]

Meru Chi- 36.7//55
Lord Beta Wolfeyes- DNF
Fyrd Argentus- 35.5/55
Keith Moon- 46.6/55
Phantom Orchid-DNF
Winner- Keith Moon- Gold coin[/size]
[color="#FFA500"][u]Muses Song[/u]
Redneck- DNF
Meru Chi- 34.2/55
Fyrd Argentus- 29.95/55
Indrya- 40.9/55
Phantom Orchid- 45.7/55
Sir Kamil- 48/55
Asterdai- 45.8/55

[size="5"]Winner- Sir Kamil- Banjo[/size][/color]

[color="#48D1CC"][u]A writers story[/u]

Fyrd Argentus- 54/55

[size="5"]Winner- Fyrd Argentus- Creature[/size]

[color="#0000FF"]Congratulations to EVERYONE that participated and thankyou for such wondeful pieces or work. Goodluck with the rest of your time in MD :D

Will the winners please meet me either at GoE or Champions Dome. Thankyou ^_^ (You should be ONLINE to gain your prizes, not idle)[/color]

Edited by Sasha Lilias
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And here is the winner's Song ^_^

music for it

Hear me cry...
in this night, hear my cry!

Let the waves carry my cry...

im chained, alone whithout any hope..

hope of freedom, hope of love...
hope of death

Sea king took me away, away, away from my house and my land...
bounded me, turned me, twisted me... Left forever on this rock.

Sailor oh yee sailor... help is what i plea...help is what i plea...

im chained alone,
whith no one to keep me warm in everlasting storms of seas....

Yee brave Sailor!
Heed my call,
come to me,
feal my arms,
my lips...
my body is yours to take...
just take me from here....

My eyes will know no sight but you!
My lips will kiss only you!
My body will be only for you!
My mind will be all about you!

Just take me...away ...from this rock...

Sailor, brave sailor, come to taste...
gods forgotten wife...
Come, forget your course,
forget your home...
join me forever in a silent tomb
that is the sea...

What i have,
is all for you..
head my call, and come to me,
my beloved sailor..come to me...
forget your life, forget your child...forget your wife...
i am all that you desire...

I am what you feel,
my words for you command...
.come to me...come to me...yee Sailor....

Come to me... Fell my arms , my lips, fell me sailor im here for you to take...

Will you please..take me...

Take me to green lands, oh i miss them so much... Sailor take me..

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"Stochastic Serenade"

A twice-inflected turmoil trills its binary unease
As shadowy negations slip from solipsistic shade;
The proud, porphyric promenade of eschaton's disease
Propels in syncopation my stochastic serenade.
From sorry, soggy verse unwinds a myriad of pleas,
Perturbs the surly stillness with an anarchist's brigade
And stoops to strain the troubadour's poetic, vinous lees:
Tyrannical in metrics is choleric cavalcade.
I'll send my trembling trysts of rhyme to tweak the tops of trees,
And sharpen all my shyness on a beatific blade,
Though heard before shall ring no more or bound upon the breeze,
Staccato taps of love's synapse as heresy portrayed.
My cardiac collapse invites a knocking of the knees
And fundamental parody of discipline displayed,
Too fulsome for my fright to fill, your avalanche to freeze -
And lost to my delight, declaim stochastic serenade.

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