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New Quest (2 :p)


This is for now later and before, enjoy :P  

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Okay I changed the competition into a quest with three stages, competition, quest, and then competition again, but i need help in the quest to use clickables, it'll be hard work, and i don't know if I can pay you for all that work, but i might be able to... If anyone is interested, plz PM me, cz i got a lot of questions to ask...

Just so that you know, each of the stages is independent, which means you can participate in any of the 3 and leave the others...

I'll start with what you all want to know, the prizes: first, the first competition's prize is silver (how much depends on many factors) but it'll be worth it. Second, the quest, being that i want to keep this a secret untill someone actually solves the quest, I'll just say a 99% chance of winning the third competition ;) and the third competition's prize is many things, A wp for sure, maybe some silver too, and some creatures (an angien with some age??)... oh and in the unlikely event that the winner of the quest didn't win the competition, he will get everything but the Wp

I don't like to rush, so we'll take it one step at a time... The quest and the 2nd competition I will say nothing about except that the quest is rather, difficult, but is great for those who don't feel like actually solving a quest... it can be done while wandering around, going form PC to GoE for example... the first competition is to get me FROM THE INTERNET 2 pictures of the same person, in one looking hot and in the other looking nerdy...

I am well aware of the rules, so there are a lot of restrictions, I'll start of with those for the ladies (unfortunately, the restrictions make looking at the pictures much less fun ;):P)
1. NO GOING HALF NAKED and by half naked i mean bra and underwear, you have to be fully dressed, even if with a short that isn't a short and a shirt that reaches ur chest...
2. Guess that's all :D:D (oh and plz i don't want to c any pictures of ppl naked just cz i said NO GOING HALF NAKED and mentioned nothing of not going completely naked)

AS for the boys, well i don't really know if it's a violation to go shirtless, if it is, then no doing that, and then rest of rules don't apply (aka you can take a pic without wearing a BRA :P:P:P)

Just remember the pic will have to be brought from the internet...

gd luck to all, dnt forget to PM me if you can help in the clickables, oh and make sure to comment on anything, This is my first quest, so I'm bound to make some mistakes :P:D

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The former idea of some MD players looking hot/nerdy was nice, but to seek someone from the internet looking both shouldn´t be that difficult cause you can simple seek a celebrity and you will find a lot of paparazzi pics for all the matching criteria, isn´t it so? I don´t want to make down you quest, if you will keep it like this ok - in then end it is your decession at all.

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Chief Experience Officer J. Allard Oversees the Xbox 360 and The Zune at Microsoft

This is a before and after shot of him after Microsoft decided to give him a Makeover.


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[img]http://www.weirdal.com/images/w&nvid2.jpg[/img] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9qYF9DZPdw[/media]

Did somebody say "nerdy"? :P

[img]http://www.weirdal.com/images/bimg_7179.jpg[/img] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd-0wHETSSY[/media]

Is he a steamin' hunk of love now or what? xDDD

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