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Md - Our Present


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MD - our present

The present.

By the time anything happens, it is done. It becomes past. Present is a collection of pasts when you sit and think about things. A second in time lost, never to be returned but never truely forgotten. Every second has its purpose, part of the day, year, and life of an entity.
Present is a chance to write your past, create you past, and your history.
Only in that moment can you say you truely exist, and it is in that moment which your past matters. and can be catergarized as a moment in time. Millions and millions of picture snapshots in only a few years of a humans life.
Why are some of the "snapshots" remembered, why do you remember them?
Do we actively remember all of our past somewhere, every second, every thought, to be used when it is needed?
These hidden "memories" must occur without us knowing it, you might not actually "think" oh i wont touch that iron because it may be hot, this could be what people call "commen sence" and what makes wise people Wise.

Snapshots of things which "stick out" in your past, memories.

Maybe Md's snapshots, the world in MD we live in, (the 2d pictures!) are the bits which stick out in M'Ds past/life. Windows to its inner being and "secrets", one of the only ways to access information about what it means. Understanding the world we live in and its purpose. (the principles and values, understanding of mechanics of nature, and socialisation i think have definitly only helped me)
The snapshots in time, the images of the places in md, are the only thing we can actually and phisically judge it by other then by direct speech or direction from others musing. They hold interesting things to question. Why is the mud cracked there, why is this tree dead, what does this mean? how is no mans land different from the others, and why?(google search what makes a tree stay alive, can you ressurect one?) learnt something new everyday *smiles* what is more important then understanding life?
(i think they are awsome for me for imagination purposes, a stimulous for differing attitudes and examples of behaviour which we may latch ourselves onto as RP characters. i mean think about all the TYPE of people you could be, even within "strict" "alliance" backgrounds and ideals. Thats why it is so interesting when different alliances and lands(snapshots) are created. i mean can you imagine. if MD was white, everything was white. BORRRINGGG i woudnt be able to make a character out of nowhere and role-play it, it would have NO purpose unless we were able to create a "world", a fantasy guideline for how all of our characters should interact or had someone to do it (gamesmaster ;)) and well Mur you are the ultimate gamesmaster and have Good help from people who help "guide" the game, a lot of the dedicated veterens who i get on with.)

But what can these snapshots tell us, these 2d pictures of MD, why do they exist? why are they chosen to be Remembered, why has this world been chosen for us? You ever taken a moment to sit under the stars, or look out to the sea... for hours maybe at times, and still think ...nothing? your mind wonders about existence and meaning, it is beautiful. Maybe MD is a scientific method of learning how to think about the world, how to ask questions about yourself and the place you live in.

RP in MD

By the time you have written it, it is done, it is written into the history of the "world" for 6 hours and into the active memories of everyone who enters and reads about that location. If this is done cleverly, people can influence others, express their views, or simply interact socially. All characters present, crafted into a history, a single event or snapshot that is to be remembered. By creating different characters, we can interact socaily in ways which we might not in real life. This is the way we can create good social memories, ones which are enjoyed and may be taken with us wherever we go. For example, Mur and his feeling about his Knator Commander and how it was an extension or helped him bring out something inside of him. Having been the only one to retire a character and talk about it.

This RP world is seperate from others that you might experience. And everyone brings things to it, brings with them something unique.
Whether everyone likes it or not this IS a RP game, and has been constructed so that we can exist in a world that is different from our own. Otherwise we might as well all be sitting in blank white all day.

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