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Something Wrong With The Forum :s


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when i usually post a reply, the page refreshes and shows me the topic with my reply in it... i log of and two days later, i remember the topic, try to go and see if there is any answer, and i find out that i haven't poseted there...

to make it even weirder, everytime i post a reply, my posts counter increases, the other day, (or the next time i log on) it's one less!!!!!!! some help plz...


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  • Root Admin

That is because we DELETE your posts as they are usually spam, After checking the Trash can i notice 4 posts that are pure rubbish,

For example in the Market section you posted "what does WTB mean???" on a topic, If you had read the "Welcome To The Central Market - Please Read Before Posting" Topic you would know what that is.

However whoever was deleteing your post should be telling you after a couple posts.

When posting, before you click post, Please read your post and decide "does this add to the topic? Could i get this infomation from contacting someone? Is this the correct place to post this?"

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