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Funny offtopic sayings by Totenkopf


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[quote name='Indyra' date='03 June 2010 - 11:26 AM' timestamp='1275553605' post='60869']
when i said "only the weapon" i meant Ivorak as a weapon....he did it by being pushed into it or convinced/brainwashed in some way...

ok, i admit it, i may have accidentally slipped some absinthe-laced nightshade in his lsd porridge after stealing a quick drink from his vodka/nyquil smoothie :)

[quote name='aaront222' date='03 June 2010 - 11:36 PM' timestamp='1275597384' post='60908']
If anyone at all can do that it would be Mur. Mur can do ANYTHING.

yes, i've once seen Mur fight a dozen midgets!!! at once!!!! with one foot!!!!! the left one!!!!!! :D:)

in light of the log above (lolz @ kyphis's spell, very aptly worded), i'd say she meant rather "[b]Sen[/b]tinels k[b]no[/b]w [b]D[/b]arigan [b]no[/b]t [b]Be[/b]trayer [of LR]" or somesuch - i would've first guessed it meant "[b]SEN[/b]tinels [b]no D[/b]rink [b]no BE[/b]er", which would've been a horrid revelation :)

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