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Wts Avatar, Part 2, Female Avatar [Auction]


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  • 2 weeks later...

as soon as I got out of prison, the day after it I went to Belgrade and was absent from home till today.

I apologize cause I wasn't specific (I was expecting to see people outbiding each other at least till certain point), but I won't accept such low offers as 2 silvers (as Chewett said, this is a quality avatar, and I don't feel like giving it for such small amount, it can really serve me better if I sell it for 1$ to the shop, or would make me feel better if I use it as a quest reward, perhaps I'll do just that.)

again, I apologize for lack of information.
I will give the topic few more days, but if someone don't offer at least 10 silvers, I'll use it as a quest reward in events I'll make for youngest players of the realm.

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