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Official Announcement According To The Leadership Of The Savelites Church.

Prince Marvolo

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[b]Official Announcement according to the Leadership of the Savelites Church.[/b]

I, Marvolo, hereby claim officially the Leadership of the Church.

Also, I want to state that Princ Rhaegar will NOT lead the alliance from outside it. His influence will be gone.

There will be changes in time, yet not within the first days of course.
(Because of RL issues called Exams :/ Lol)

Sincerly, Marvolo

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[quote name='Lord Corg' date='12 June 2010 - 11:16 AM' timestamp='1276334204' post='61725']
Ahhhh so we need to speak with you now to join the church? I was talking with Prince Rhaegar about joining, but havent heard back from him.

Yes, from now on, everyone interested in joining the Curch should contact me.

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