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Personal Stats To Be Used Or Be Useful Again


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i suggest the tokens, boosts, creature stats and personal stats be this way

(creature stats)(boosts) + tokens + personal stats

this way perosonal stats will be useful again and tokens wont be overpowered

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[quote]i think there are more such issues with the "order". To switch places of these two, i need to review all the abilities and see what will get broken if i do so. Right now there is a big comment i see above the token loading function telling that it should be _before_ the influences. I honestly don't remember all the reasons i put that warning there (for myself to read later), but i dont plant to switch them without analyzing every possible aspect first. [/quote]

Guess there is something we don't know that makes Mur want things to be the way they are.
We might find out some day, just like you might find out how to look for existing threads some day :)

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