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L H O Timetable


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There is now a new (as opposed to the old one) timetable of LHOs on duty at the bottom of the LHO Treasury page.

The page can be reached by clicking the "Treasury" button at the top of the page, between "MDNP" and "Search", at which point a new screen appears where you can click to go on the LHO Treasury page.

The timetables will be updated per necessity, and list which LHO is meant to be on duty at any given time and day. The timetables are clearly marked in the top left corner of them as to if they refer to the Paper Cabin(PC), or Marble Dale Park(MDP).

This also stands as a notice to LHOs to check this timetable and be in the appropriate locations as mentioned in them. If you cannot make the scheduled hours, or if you are not on the timetable, please contact me, i probably want to talk to you.

[i][b]Note[/b]: LHO at MDP are not required to perform sparring grounds duty, if they do so it is unconnected with being an LHO[/i].

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