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We started work on a new area and at the same time a new feature of the game.

I know it sounds crazy, as chapter 3 its not up yet and there are other sections of the game that are still locked (like 75% of them) but considering the current situation i think this is the best way to continue developing the game ...and not wait undefinatly for Adi's chapter 3 last pages.

This new area wil be opened regardless of current story progress and later it will get connected to a storyline if there will still be a need for that.

So, now more about what this is ...

MagicDuel Archives is a library, north of the current map, on a new map. This library is actualy a small castle, with rooms and a surounding garden. Each book in this huge place will be a piece of information, not about the game but about general things, like Math, Biology, Astrology, History pages about Alchemy, all sorts of "MagicDuel style" documentations. Some of the info will be connected to the game, like for example history pages where some of the things we talk on the forum will go. Alliance creation topics will also go there. Tales about legendary players...yeah thats you guys.. thats also a thing you will find there.

Work on this new section will be interrupted if something like the rest of chapter 3 pops up.

The whole place will be sanctuary area, no battles inside that building will be permited. Moving from one place to an other will also cost a terrible ammount of action points as you will not have on what to spend your ap while in that place.

I am searching for editors for MagicDuel Archives, their job will be to search and adjust information form the internet on certain topics, and i will do the final review and approval of the info. Each editor will see a list of available places "books" in a location and will be able to place the info in the selected book, so that when someone clicks that book he will see the info that the editor added.

You will probably ask whats the reason for all that , well if you do ask that, please try to figure out the answer yourself, i think its obvious and its a great addon to what MagicDuel is starting to become, and thats more than a simple game, ... its a community of people hold together by the 'world' of this game, and that world needs to expand.

MagicDuel Archives will be advertised and released as sort of a addon to the game , consider it similar to an expansion pack in other games.

On the other side of this 'world', work is done to start the first wars and to divide alliances between lands and count the score of fights between them. ...BTW hurry wih the alliance requests as they will be stoped very soon. I am not sure what will be allowed between players from same alliance or from same land but thats something i will talk in an other topic.

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not sure yet, probably a way north from winds sanctuarytha wil go to the new map

ican be connected also to loreroot

Can't find Lore Root on the map, but I get the idea. I suppose you already have plans for Sage's Keep, otherwise, it sounds like this would be the place for it!

Quick question though - will players that belong to Alliances of foreign lands, be able to access the lands in Marind Bell freely? If not, maybe just put a tower in No Man's Land that accesses it.


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Will there be a map of the archives? Because I went in there and now I'm lost.

Never mind I found my way around. Now I'm taking the path to loreroot but I ran out of exploring points. Someone also attacked me while I was in there so I'm guessing it's not finished because you said it will be sanctuary area.

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This is something the Archivists do. You can certainly come work for us, should you desire. Though the actual physical proof will take more time to appear, since the Archives themselves are not open right now.

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