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Foot Prints.


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I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I thought that this would be an interesting idea to possibly implement on the game.

I was thinking that players could be able to see the 'footprints' of other players, or of a specific player that they want to see where they've gone. I think it would be useful for people who are trying to search for another, or it could be used during quests or something.

I was also thinking that the footprints could be purchased via wishpoints, or by free credits, or actual money, whichever you wish to have characters acquire it. Or, they'd have to be able to find it theirself in order to use the footprint system so as to have certain characters keep it. Either that, or have the admins use the system, or LHO's. :3

That's my two cents. I hope it seems credible enough.

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How does this differ from the locate spell? Or for that matter, being able to see that someone has passed a location by seeing their name in grey in the chat? It doesn't give direction of travel but it's at least a hint.

Personally, I like being able to backtrack across my own traces to screw up someone who may be chasing me.

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  • Root Admin

Curi, sorry to say this but this is too much like the locate spell.

I dont see why something would be implmented that duplicates the functionality of a WP spell. And even if it were, no one would then buy the locate spell assuming that this footprint would be cheaper.

I think we already have this, as the locate spell.

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