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Selling Aged Creatures

Sasha Lilias

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[size="5"][b][u]Single Buys[/u][/b][/size]

Elemental-565 Price=3sc

Heretic Archer-565 Price=4sc

Heretic Archer-565 Price=4sc

Grasan-322 Price=3sc

Grasan-131 Price=2sc

Water Being-113 Price=2sc

Barren Soul-279 Price=3sc

[b][u][size="5"]Combo Buys:[/size][/u][/b]

[b][u]Healers combo[/u][/b]
[spoiler]Barren Soul-601x2[/spoiler] Price=5sc

[u][b]Warriors Combo[/b][/u]
[spoiler]Aramorx2-199+Aramorx2-279[/spoiler] Price=6sc

[u][b]Archers Combo[/b][/u]
[spoiler]Heretic Archer-602+Heretic Archerx2-565[/spoiler] Price=6sc

[b][u]Beginners Combo[/u][/b]
[spoiler]Aramorx2+Barren Soul+Grasan-604[/spoiler] Price=7sc

[b][u]Elemental Combo[/u][/b]
[spoiler]Elemental-602+Elemental-228+Elemental-199[/spoiler] Price=5sc

[b][u]The SUPER Combo[/u][/b]
[spoiler]Aramor-696+Heretic Archerx2-695+Elemental-695+Elemental-630+Angien Egg-321+Tormented Soul-228[/spoiler] Price=12sc

[size="5"]Note:[/size][size="4"]All creatures are UN-tokened and will be sold on a "first come, first serve" notice. Prices ARE negotiable on the single buy creatures.[/size]

[size="5"]Yet another note:[/size][size="4"]Half of the profit shall be given to the LHO's (Grido) to be used as seen fit.The rest shall be used for future quests.[/size]

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