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Selling Assorted Creatures


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So...I have the following creatures for sale:

[s][b]Angien Santinel IV[/b] [b]422 age[/b](id:516028)[/s]

[b]3 Walking Trees[/b] [b]332 age[/b] (ids:562598,562597,562593)

[b]Elemental V [/b] [b]393 age[/b](id:531419)

Creatures have no tokens.
The ids are there mostly for me cause I tend to forget what I want to sell :D

More creatures (No one's account):

elemental 370 (548821)
elemental 370 (548822)
[s]angien 408 (523256[/s])
elemental 282 (585324)
elemental 282 (585325)
elemental 278 (586126)
elemental 278 (586127)
elemental 278 (586128)

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1281872704' post='66198']
4 fresh pimps.
You can even provide the grasan you want to be pimped.

Hi there.. does that mean you have 4 pimped grasans for sale as well?

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