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Monkelian Trickster


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Describing how a creature is different from all creatures is a little more important than listing a large list of numbers, so im going to skip all of that.

This creature is basically a monkey-like creature, that lives in the trees of loreroot. Hopefully this isnt too hard to add in MD, but basically, the trickster just does a lot of random things, either to your own army, or theirs.

When you choose targets for the creature, you can either choose "Random-friendly" or "Random-enemy", or just have it be completely random and happen to either army. This is because the only attack that it does is called "Random effect", which is different from random damage. Basically, it will choose a random attack style "steal life, heal, protect, random damage, etc" and apply it to whichever target it decides to apply it to.

Two examples: It could target an enemy creature and cast protect or steal life on it, and steal life would give one of your own creatures the stolen life. He could also target one of your own creatures with random damage or rejuvenate.

Each time it upgrades, the amount random effects that it can do increases. At level one it can only do random dmg on a random crit, while maxed level itll be able to do all/most abilities that currently exist.

It could have special influences that can affect either yours, or theirs. An example would be +5% attack, or -5% defense, and the effect would apply to one side decided at beginning of battle. If special influences cant work this way, it could just give your army a positive and negative effect all the time, example would be both of the 2 previous effects i mentioned.

The biggest thing that makes this creature unique compared to others is that its a gambling creature. An entire army of them could wipe out the strongest army, or they might all just kill themselves. I'm not sure if gambling is a good idea for fights, but if it is, this creature would be a great start.

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The Unholy Priest alread add some gambling to fight, but it's too little compared to the Trickster. Personally, I would use the creature just to fight a much more stronght army, that will defeat me for sure without gambling. And I "fell" that this type of abilit look like more a necrovion abilit. But, I think it's a great ideia. There should be at least an non-public creature with this kind of abilit.

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  • Root Admin

Kinda seems stupid to be honest.

the entire "idea" of combat is mostly to be able to plan and use your brain. This just makes it pointless as Novato said, they would only use if it they knew they couldnt win normally.

As it is i dont like the randomness of the Birds because many different things can happen depending on how the birds effect happens.

But then again, i kinda like a more complicated rock paper Scissors. Or if this metaphore makes more sense a "pokemon" style combat. Water is strong to fire and Weak to Grass and so on.

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Actually, after looking at it for a little longer, seems like the only thing that this type of creature would acomplish would make battles more noob friendly, especially if they are wanting to kill stronger people. mp3 and mp4 are pretty much already noob friendly, battles are simple and everything, and if you ever got to mp5 (where this creature would actually do something), everyone would already have good battle knowledge, and a gambling creature would just make everyone just rely on rng (random number generator), than actually coming up with good rituals.

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