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I'm Back From 1 Year+ Ago


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Hey guys, sorry for my bad english. I want play again this game, but I'm lost with it, I stopped on Chapter 2 - Carnaval, saying it is under construction, 1 year off and no one new quests? :P

About spells I dont know nothing too, if someone can teach me some new things. Thanks.

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To get spells you need to buy them with wish points.

On the whole, although there are sometimes other ways, to get wish points you need to complete quests which reward wish points. There is the broken pattern gazeebo in the Archive lands which gives a wish point as a reward if you complete it, and also at the top of the page you should see a link called quests, click that and see which ones give you wish point rewards and try to complete them to win.

No idea if that helps, but hope so. Other than that, find a mentor in game who can help you and answer your questions or ask live help operators (people like this: *name*). If you see me in game you can message me and I will happily answer you, and on the whole most other people around the place will too.


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