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Wts (Semi) Rare Creatures


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everything is max aged, and some probably have an extra token or two

for sale:

Rustgold Drachorn - 1 sharptear + 5 gold coins (Adiomino) [b]sold[/b]
Wish Joker - (ravenstrider) 1 gold and 10 silvers [b]sold[/b]
Bloodpact - 15 silvers (goldfinger); 1 gold (Fyrd) or 2 golds + 1 silver for both BPs (fyrd) [b]sold[/b]
Santa* -

*about 620 age, but will sell only for the right price (surprise me)

please post your offers here, I will update the first post from time to time.

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For the BP I offer 1 gold coin.

For the Santa, I offer 1 gold coin plus 3,000 words of poetry/lyrics/prose written on subjects of your choice. (Quality upheld only by my reputation - Santa to be delivered upon receipt of the initially requested works, though you may reserve some word counts for a later time. The output is then yours to use as you please.)

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updated my first post.

forgot to mention, I have 2 BPs, and I will take two best offers to sell them out (so I'll avoid "put one silver on first BP", i hope you people won't grudge on that)
same goes for a rusty, have two of them.

Santa I won't sell for 10 credits. Too low in my opinion and I don't need credits that much (I needed them before for slots, but angien VE got removed... ;) good thing I didn't waste any credits)

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Umm, you read my post wrong.

1 gold and 3,000 lyrics was bid on the Santa.

1 gold straight up was bid for one of the BPs.

If you reject the Santa bid, I would offer 2 gold plus 1 silver for two BP's.

Tell us what tokens they have, and I might go higher.

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oh... my bad.

Although I would like to use those 3000 lyrics, I must reject. For Santa I will settle only for something interesting, not pure coins or something soulless as that (and lyrics is not enough to fill in the hole)
maybe my subconscious wants to keep the Santa, who would know... :P

for BPs ok, I'll update the post.

I'll check for tokens later on and let you all know here (the creature is not mine, but given by friend, so it takes some extra time)

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hah, good one Shadowseeker, but I think I'll pass :o

btw: If those free credits are still out, I wont have enough money to get my reindrach in christmas, and I'll be "forced" to keep one of the rusties.
Now I don't know what's the general state in MD since I was away for 7-8 days, and MD lags so much I can't open my mail box, nor the announcements :mellow:
One rusty will probably have to be withdrawn from the auction

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