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Wts Angiens


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[quote name='baiano' timestamp='1285943410' post='69460']
I want to sell one of this angiens[u](only one)[/u], i want to sell it for credits in other way if i did not get a good bit with credits i will sell it for coins so, i will sell it only if the bid is good enought for me :P
I prefer credits bid , but you can do your bid in coins.

-1) angien maxed with age 399 ,tokened by :[claw1],[claw2],[emeraldglare]

-2) angien maxed with age 385 ,tokened by :[claw1],[blooddrop2],[emeraldglare],[enlightning]

[color="#FF0000"][u]I will sell it for the best bid,and only one of them[/u][b][/b][i][/i][/color]
Obs: You can do two bids one in each angien but only one of them will be sold.

seeinghow credits are kaput..i'll start bidding with 1 sc on each

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[quote name='Master' timestamp='1288615424' post='71263']
I think he's atlking about Credits as in credits rewards codes.
Or directly buy credits for him for the angien.
I bid 2 SCs on each Angien.

Yes my friend that is it!!^^

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