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Colored Guards !


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The ideas is, basically put the guards of the willow shop in colour!!!
Same with loreroot guards
(I think its bored, fight againts the same thing 3 times in story mode)

But only at level 4-5 if all are agree :D

No more Aramor now will be Imperial Armour.
and (maybe) to be a bit dificult put 2 pimped

First Guard

4 Imperials LV 2, (maybe 2 Pimped Gassan LV 2 )
Targets can be discussed.

Second Guard

4 Max Imperials 2 Pinped Gassan at max (well 2 imps 2 armor at max lol)

(This change to mp3 and 4 too i mean now add to 1 shop guard 2 gassan lv1 and guard 2 gassan lv2)

In loreroot

only add color to Master lorerootian archer ( Master Sharptear)

well as i wrote

maybe can be implemented one ritual that protects the MB creatures Necro creatures and GG too (well = no one can get those :D)

set one image like Karnator commander
(but with the respective creatures or some nice desing)

the idea is in mp4-5 (maybe mp3)
click that image and fight agaisnt it
im MB basic creats of MB
Scourt + Heretic Archer + Elemental I (Mp3)
winderwild (maybe full grow winder) Dar archer II(x2-3) elemental III Mp4

BPCA 2 CA Majestic Winderwild (1-2) MAX Elemental (or elemental IV 1-2) (Mp5)

at angien shrine
one pic (like KC but with angien) and fight against angiens
3 lv 1 angiens 500 VE each (mp3)
3 lv 3 angiens 1500 VE each (mp4)
3 Max angiens (2 normal 1 tainted maybe) double VE


Unholy + TS (Mp3)
2 unholy lv2 + 3 TS lv 3 (Mp4)
2 Unholy popes + 1Soulweaber + 2 Revoltedskill vampire

3 Babies GG (Mp3)
1 GG drach LV 2 +2 GG drach Lv 3(Mp4)
1GG drach max + 2 Rust gold max (or 1Rust 1 Rein at MAX LV)

(create one more medal or log for not need to fight agains the same every time that you need creats)

Now what you think

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Errr... dont fix it if its not broken? :D

Anyways, i like the Guardians non colored. The whole black and white look fits the whole MD mystique.

If we start coloring them, there will be expectations that backgrounds and what not be also be colored.

As for adding MD Shop crits to the Loreroot Guardians or the Shop Guardians, that would make it even harder for players to beat them. To a vet its just another group of creatures to destroy, but to non vets it means more grinding and training before hitting on them.

Adding colored crits means adding more power.... I know life is not easy, but do we need to make it even harder?

I wont comment on Necro, GG or MB having Guardians too since I am a citizen of Loreroot. (it would be interesting though to see that happening)

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Now, what about that bull creature in story mode that is called a land guard? He's the one who says to come back with an army. I would like to be able to beat him up for suggesting that pre-max angiens were not an army, at the beginning of mp5. :D

I suppose he's a land guard of No Man's Land, but I can't be sure... which seems to suggest that every land has one. Just not implemented yet. :D

I suppose you'd give him pimps, imps, and a hollow, but I hear there's a rare bull creature. Maybe that's connected somehow.

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Thats why colored creatures only at mp5 because is something like challenge
beat 4 armors with much (some) Ve at mp5 is not a big deal..

(if players want to add color to the pages can suggest it but mm better no) (i only see colors red, orange, blue, yellow)

the other creats no protect the land only the creatures of the land
if new players cant beat it (mp3) well at mp4 is more fair

and the land guardian mm i see something in one old topic (Rumors)


i hope more players want small changes :D

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  • Root Admin


all it will do is make it harder to win against the monsters when weaker mp5's get out of story mode. Already there is a group of people that arrive at mp5 and cannot enter Loreroot or Willows shop because of the increased strength of the people. With aura's and other such bonuses it will merely be made harder.

If it Aint broke, Dont fix it.

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well Mp5 is the ultimate fighting system and you are one of those that say Strategy

so players will need to learn how to fight at mp4, to become mp5
(In mp4 much palyers have at least one of each (non rare) creature at max,if they cant that will force tho they to ask more for wins and clues also read the logs more carefully)

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  • Root Admin

If your idea is merely for aesthetic values then its no real point. There should be a decent reason why there should have premium creatures.

And strategy is merely one side of the coin, if you only have aramors your strategy is limited by them. You know the best ritual in MD, but unless you can make that ritual it is pointless. That is what these new mp5's are having, they havent leveled their creatures up enough to beat them currently.

Coloring for you sake is merely fancy and doesnt fit in with the general schema. Changing the army for a specific reason like X is too hard is much more likely to happen.

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in mp5 players with only armors thats is strange even to me
so much things are esthetic (forum new view, making rituals (well is easyer too) is better do the same always the same thing ?
and if they cant beat those guards how they will survive at mp5 ??
santuary - hidding - logo out

well this is only a suggestion if you only want 2 imps 2 armors and no pims or gassys ok if you want the same ok
(old proverb... vicente where are going?? to where people go)
pa donde va vicente para donde va la gente

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