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Absence - Family Matters.

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I will be leaving for the next few days due to a family emergency. My father is going to be having surgery on the 19th, and I will have to be there for him.

I will try to check into the game if I have internet available, but I will not be able to spend much time. Mostly, I will log in to check PMs and messages, and remain updated.
If any of my adepts or worshipers have any questions, do not feel bad about sending me a message. I will answer as soon as I am able.

If I'm needed for any other reasons, again, please send a message. I'll do what I can, but my goal during the next couple of days will be to spend time with my father.

Thank you all for understanding.

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Update: I woke up in a really poor mood this morning, expecting that as I opened my eyes, I'd be drug off to the hospital with barely any time to get ready to watch my father get dissected...

And instead, I woke up at noon to: "The surgery is postponed."

They have decided to wait and inspect my father's surgery, do some nerve tests to find out if there's a way they can do something simpler that uses less 'hard ware' as they put it. So this time my absence has been postponed, I will be available more in the next couple of days.

So, that was unexpected and strange.. but they're good doctors, they would rather not have my father make a major life-long decision if there's a simpler- more reasonable way to do the surgery.

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]Maybe the thoughts and prayers gave the doctors a different idea. Glad to hear that there's something else besides the knife for them to try. ;)[/font][/color]

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Go amoran and become a father-saver! im shure hed want you more than any of us could.

I just read your last post, and ehm, sorry your gonna be stuck with us for a little while longer :/
hope your daddy gets better!

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