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This notice is for all those participating in Story Night.

[I didn't want this mugging up the Story Night Post nor the LS spot in the forums and.. yeah. If the Mods think it appropriate to move it, please do.]

This Story Night Session [10/20/10] was a bit hectic as you know. However, that does not excuse you from following certain things that the organizers of the event have set out to do. We set such things out for your benefit, but will certainly be okay [as much as it pains myself], with having the few who don't want the certain benefits not get that treatment.

Story Night is needing your stories not just for presenting them in case of being unable to attend, but for judging as well. We give everyone the equal opportunity of sharing their pieces and going for the top prize of a WP. If you do not give us your pieces for said judging, before or after* Story Night, then we cannot track you down and ask that you give us your story.

I am willing [b]this round[/b] to hunt you all down and collect those I have not received, but for now on, if you don't turn them in, we can't promise you will get your pieces judged.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.


*After Story Night refers to sending in your story once you have presented it. There will be a notice at the beginning, during the event, and including after about sending in your stories.

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[Don't want to make another edit.]

There will be a deadline. By the next server reset at 0:00 Server time, the deadline to receive your Stories, Poems, whatever, will no longer be available. I suggest if you want your pieces judged, then you do the following:

[size="4"][b]Meet me at The Necrovion Gate, or Marind Bell Park and PM me in game or In Forum with your submission.[/b][/size]

From there, I will then give the following pieces to the Judges to look over. Once they have eached received the pieces, they will all have five [5] days to then complete the judging and return their grading to me. Once that is taken care of, there will be a post stating who has received what.

If for any chance a piece is ever eligable for a WP, there will be an extra few days [I am thinking three] for the King or Kings to look them over and decide if it is valid. From there, the person will be notified.

If at all for any reason you DO NOT come to claim your prize, you no longer are able to receive it. Everyone has 24 hours to claim their prize.

Once more, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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For those who were not able to attend the Story Night sessions, the stories will be posted on the MagicDuel Archives.
This will take a couple days because I need to round up all your stories again and put them in a neat little bundle. : D
But it WILL be done!

Also: For those who would like to see their comments from the last Story Night*, please write me a PM and I can find them for you. Please remember that there is so many of you, and only... what? 4 of us?

Edit: *The comments will be available until after this next SN, that way I don't keep them for very long and I can have room in my PM Box for other things. Please get them if you want them.

Also, I need your stories BEFORE HAND so that they can be used for the Archives. I detest having to use logs to display a story. If you can send the story to us before Story Night, or after you present it, then you can have it to judge, and for the Archives. Otherwise... well, I apologize, but then you will not have the ability to have either showcased, or judged.

Thank you for your help, time, patience and appreciation!

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There will be a few minor changes in location of Story Night which are in the process of being discussed, so please keep your eye out for the change in location. If there are any questions regarding it, if there is a change, please feel free to PM me.

As for the absence of Story Night:

We have been making a few changes and making up for a few losses and such, including waiting for the holidays to go by. I am planning on having a Story Night some time in January, more towards the end so you guys will be prepared.
So get your brains working, and write a story, people! : D

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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