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Shoe Family


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You must make a pumpkin carving of an MD character.

If 4 or less people enter - 1 wp for the winner
If 5 or 6 people enter - 2 wps for the top 2 (1 each)
If 7 or more people enter - 3 wps for the top 3 (1 each)

[b]start:[/b] now
[b]end:[/b] 23:59 on October 31st

Place a photo of your pumpkin here. The photo needs to either have you in it or have the letters MD somewhere in it (not added to it after the photo is taken)
The pumpkin must be lit in the photo, and the photo must be taken in the dark. Extra points for taking the picture in a graveyard.[/b]

ready...set...get carving!


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i object

taking the picture in a graveyard. How disrespectful.

(what a spooky and awesome idea! i think this is a great idea, hmm wonder if i can go back to my wierd old lodgers house where grew my pumpkins for akasha's contest... might be a bit of a mission..)

(ok! two hours after i first posted, i have my pumpkin, and a carving kit... just need a design...)

if you make pumpkin soup with it and um make a crouton in the shape of an MD character does that get you bonus points too?

(think id need windys help, im sure she can make soup, here is a link anyway)

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A player/character. So...for example,as you see, DST has modelled her Shoe Family (aka Pumpkin) on herself, with a couture hat and some ribbons (like her avatar) and the letters DST carved in just in case we were in any doubt as to who it was :D

And no there are no bonus points for cleverly concocted soup croutons...


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To say the least, you have definitely made my day!~

I have to say, you sound all.. halloweeny and such. Like... a creepy butcher carving out the remains of a pumpkin to prove your admiration for my God.. > >

I love it, that is all I can say.


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Yeah so... up all night carving this with just my switchblade... I need some carving tools... anyways... here ya go.

After opening it, gutting it, I blew up Kets avi by like 400%, printed it, then drew it onto the pumpkin, using my paper stencil as a guideline.

A good 7 hours in from opening it, gutting, and carving.

Took about another hour to refine it, make it brighter.

Oh and, yeah, MD is carved into it.

Tomorrow we'll see about a graveyard photo... it's kind of illegal to go into one after dusk... but screw the rules, it's devils night xD

Edited by Yoshi
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Wow, Yoshi. That is a wonderful, I am honored you carved me up with
a switchblade (evilness defined laughter). :o

~~Only on Halloween can I get away with such a comment. I will leave it unless
someone objects to it.

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Images posted [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/gallery/page__module__user__user__3112__do__view_album__album__178"]Here[/url]

It contains the three active members of the Legend Speakers Alliance, Fyrd and Curiose in their normal avatars (Fyrd is dancing on top of Curiose :P), and (thanks to my fiance's insistence) an adaptation of my avatar, taken from one of the photos in which I am dressed as Kyphis. Yami no Sakura is also featured, and for those of you who are young and don't know either why or who that is, ask the older players who she was and what she did ;)

Edited by Kyphis the Bard
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Having confered with Grido, the winners are...

Yoshi and Kyphis (I will sort you out tomorrow)

Very well done to everyone. Your pumpkins all look amazing, so amazing in fact I might make this yearly. I did particularly like the use of hats, spooky voices and cigarette papers :D


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