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Introduction To Marind Bell


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"The remains of a once flourishing town, Marind Bell's real name was forgotten, and its current name is given after Marind, the protector of these lands. Its power lies in deep mysteries and powerful protective magic developed in time to withstand Necrovion's constant attacks. This land was once peaceful but is now tainted by the fury of war and hatred against darkness."

To fully understand this introduction inscribed at the Gates of Marind Bell, we must first consider some of the special places within the land…
· Marind's Roundabout, a fountain holding special water - a place for redemption, cleansing and a new beginning.
· Stairs to Champion's Challenge, inspiring a climb to higher achievement and new challenges.
· Angien's Shrine, the place where Angiens dwell, mysterious and legendary beings we don’t know what true power or knowledge they might bring
· Sage's Keep holding information and knowledge of unknown but possibly immense value.
· Wind's Sanctuary, a colossal place with unearthly architecture.
· Passage of War, with mysterious guardians that won’t let anybody pass, and yet the tunnel beeing an undeniable connection to Necrovion.
· Champion's Dome, a mysterious vault inaccessible by all, with unknown treasure or danger lying within.
· And finally take notice of the ancient Gates of Marind Bell which are made by the same hand as the cube that was handed to you.

The appearance of a land and the creatures that inhabit it reflect the mind and mentality of its people. The struggle of the heretic archer but also the harmony of the Angien and the aura of glory and hope that surrounds the land. Marind Bell is shrouded in mystery, its past taken away by time. It is a place of glory, harmony, taint and above all self reflection, a sanctuary for your mind and a haven of personal growth. But it is also a dangerous tool that might as easily destroy you as become a step-stone towards a brighter future.

The vision I have of Marind Bell is a pilgrimage. A journey that we must all take, facing its challenges in order to learn and grow. We all start blind and helpless, inside a small cube and with every step we take we eventually leave behind the old one and arrive in a newer, ever-larger cube with more opportunities. The trials we face inside Marind Bell make us grow and bring us closer to enlightenment.
Marind Bell is open to all, and is the starting point of most who enter the Magic Duel realm. The land is thus a reflection of you, the citizens. It is in our power to create what we wish for, and you are welcome to join in this creative adventure. Let us honor the legacy of this beautiful land and rebuild it to the prosperous nation it once was, only better. The remains of a noble and true civilization shall not remain just a monument of history, but shall become a symbol for the future, an incarnation of our shared goals and motivations. Let us, together, create a glorious kingdom worthy of remembrance for generations to come.


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