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The Lost Path Adventure

Fyrd Argentus

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In this quest, players are asked to beat back the shadow army, recover the Lost Path Treasures, reassemble them as the Princess's Crown Jewels, and bring the fight home to the shadow army.

No more wishpoints are available at this time, but plenty of pickle points, redeemable for prizes (see my Quest [Q] Doc), will be awarded for steps along the way.

All you need to know to begin is to visit me at the hut north of Wind's Sanctuary.

If you want more background, feel free to talk with me in-game, or read below. I "really" need your help in putting these spirits to rest.

I originally used my musical magic (see my "comments on self" [=] Doc) to make contact with a host of sprits guarding the Lost Path Treasures. This quest was originally presented here:
at this stage was quite difficult and worth 12 pickles to complete. You can always come back to work on the pickles, but if you try your hand at ghost hunting first, short-cuts to usable facsimilies of the treasures can be substituted.

The problem came when the forces of shadow sensed the stirring of the guardian spirits that I had awoke. They mounted an invasion of the realm, which is detailed in phase 2 of the quest (which is by far the easiest place to start, now), which was presented here:

Once you have the complete collection of treasures, or reasonable facsimilies, you must assemble them into the crown jewels, which are a powerful set of magical equipment. With them, you will be able to carry the fight home to the Shadow Army, which is issuing forth from the Primordial Source.

The story continues to grow even now. Enjoy!

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Some known, unavoidable issues:

If you enter story mode, you lose your progress. Send me a screen shot of your Lost Path Fountain inventory and I will have to restore it manually after you leave story mode.

Do not use the drop-down shortcuts for passwords provided by some browsers (Firefox) - it does not work right, resetting the password for you and kicking you out of a dialog prematurely.

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  • 3 months later...

The quest is still alive. Congrats to the most recent pickle awarded to Nimlirthiel for finding a certain gem....

I wrote the following in response to one confused query:

This quest/adventure was built up in pieces.

The fountain leads to 12 different "tasks" that can be solved in any order (with one exception).

The willow's shop ghost-hunt was originally a separate quest, trying to kill the 16 monsters, in any order (with one exception).

The quests were then merged, and if you do the ghost-hunt quest first you are given the option to short-cut the fountain quests to get after the crown jewels quicker (but no prizes) in order to tackle the THIRD phase of the quest....

by the way, feel free to share this info....

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  • 3 weeks later...

---bzzzz - snap! The old man appears again. "It seems the evil ones are on to us. They have blocked access to Angien Island, in an effort to prevent the Angiens from helping us assemble the crown jewels. I have persuaded them to come ashore by Sage's Keep to help. LOOK for them there." --bzzzz - snap! and he's gone again.

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  • 4 weeks later...

My magic is being diluted.... the strain of battle is great.... it is now necessary to use the incantation "LOOK" to see my image in the hut, or to see the visions in the Fountain of the Lost Path.

Also this day, I have resolved to only provide personal magical augmentations (wp's) to those who have bettered the efforts of their predecessors in helping me to fight back and/or appease the spirits.

You may read more about what has been accomplished by the Heros of the Lost Path, in Legend Speakers/People in the News.

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  • 4 weeks later...

The evil ones have buried the Fountain of the Lost Path under viscous slime, in an effort to prevent us from stopping their power play.

Fortunately, I have found that the ethreal nature of the viscous slime makes it conduct magical transmissions quite well. I have been able to forge a telepathic link between the fountain and the hut north of Wind's sanctuary. It will no longer be necessary to break trail through the slime every hour to pursue the Adventure of the Lost Path.

I am using the viscous slime to make a few other improvements in my spells, strengthening connections and the like.

Happy adventuring!

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  • 1 month later...

The evil Queen and Princess are at it again, this time attempting to assasinate one of the spirits guarding the crown jewels with a dose of bleach and detergent. I'm happy to say the spirit in question still has a grip on the realm, but has migrated to a new location.

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