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I'm somewhat tired of not being able to move out of sanctuary without being attacked - even in Marble Dale Park and a little fed up of continually losing large amounts of honour even if I win against those who are kind enough to put up a single tree in defence against me.

I noticed tonight that those in story mode for MP5, I could gain positive honour against. On the asumption this will remain so once they have finished story mode, why don't we chaps get together on an equal basis and help each other out? Let's NOT continue the rein of terror that some MP5s have.

I don't know the game well enough to know if it will work but please can some story mode MP5s contact me so we can compare honour gains/losses and if all being equal, I'm sure we can work together to help us all.


NB: I'm usually hiding out at Berserkers Way if you want to contact me ingame.

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There is a way to solve the honour problem, though it's something of a spoiler, I s'pose, not really sure. I'm sure somebody in Loreroot could help you.

I would suggest looking at how honour works if that doesn't work out, and also experimenting with defense rits that help you manipulate whether or not you get a loss from being attacked. (I'm not sure if it's possible to get absolutely no losses with a defense rit, but it's easy enough to slow them down with some experimentation.)

I want to add, in case you don't know; the Sparring Grounds rules do not affect MP5s at all.

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