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5 Creatures For Sale..low Age.

Yala Sviseusen

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*chuckles* Didn't expect this much activity this quickly... Your compliment magic is quite something Blacknights. ;)
Any others for the Marksmen?

If there are no bids on the Imps and Joker the first 3 to ask receive them free! Blacknights you get first choice if you like.
I'll leave this up until 6:00 server time Day 332 Year 5

Yala ;)

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Okay closed...

Contact me in game to finish the trade..

Stavaroiu wins the older Marksman at 13 sc as well as the Joker for 4 sc-- Total 1gc 2sc

Udgard wins the younger Marksman for 12sc...(figured I'd round down from the half lol)

Chewett gets the Imps for 3 sc each.. 6sc total.

Thanks guys!

Edit to say.. Unless Udgard doesn't want just 1.. In that case Asterdai gets it for 11sc

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