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Some things about HC are still dimly for me, or possible bugs are making me insecure in what I knew.

Why when I'm victorious I do not take the heads?
Why when I'm attacked and defeated but I don't receive lose, the opponent is taking my heads away?

Look at this picture. Considering this I should have much more heads than this current 4.


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yes I won as a mp3 (not the audio format lol). But what confuse me is that in the statistics tables I see some people that also won the HC and have about 50-60 heads. I don't believe that the sum of their heads is just auto-generated head incrementation, considering they are offline half day.

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O so that's the thing with Tipu. Never mind about the offline thing...

So to conclude: If you won in one mind power level than you can't win in other levels or? Cause in some people avatars there are more than one HC medal.

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