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Conceptual Question

Muratus del Mur

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I want the official stand of the caretakers on my treasure keepers initiative.
How would such a personal service for me fit with the concepts followed by the caretakers, considering i am ruling Tribunal Lands now.

I don't want to be a concept conflict between you and those i assign to dispatch my rewards, and it implies Tribunal official rewwards too.
I am willing to analyze a possibility of having the people i want assigned for this as a subgroup of the caretakers, determined by tag, OR to have their responsabilities restricted or adjusted in respect to this alliance (because it precedes them and that should be respected)

The treasure keepers will be sort of a courier mixed with banker service BUT also a judge sometimes, to decide how to manage the resources i give.
I don't want to change caretakers to follow this concept because this is just a part of "taking care of TB businesses" , thats why i need to discuss this with you ASAP

Thank you

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i would much rather us talk about this in game then on the forum. Perhaps you and I can have a meeting on this. As far as an official statement here I can say:

The Caretakers recruitment is still a very strict standard. Being a Caretaker is an extremely specific role, that most don't fit. I have been watching the applications of the treasure keepers, and of course if they were to become a part of the Caretakers, or a sub-form of them, we will have to discuss such things further in private.

The Caretakers have no objection to your stance of having such a group of people. A member, and an apprentice have already posted their application for the job without my objection. We rather find it a good thing that will help with the Tribunal's growth to have such people. As all things there are people who would seek to further their own power by abuse of such an important job. Corruption and greed are things the Caretakers take great care to try and keep from destroying the nature of the land itself.

If you see this in the next hour or so please contact me in game so we can discuss such matters further.

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