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Winter Solstice

Prince Marvolo

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The log of the Winter Soltice or Yule Ceremony
~ Day: 355 Year: 5 ~

After gathering at the Inn, we went to the Mistletoe Bridge, where our Druid Shemhazaj climbed one of the trees. There he cut some Mistletoe with his Golden Sicle.
The pretty Priestesses ran under it, gathering the falling bits of Mistletoe.
After we catched all bits, some taking one, other filling their skirts, we all went to the outside of the Inn, where the ceremony started.

:Shemhazaj comes to the Log
:Yala Sviseusen walks up the path quietly
:Shemhazaj smiles to Yala
:Marvolo sits down near the stairs
:Yala Sviseusen returns the smile
:Phear Wolf runs in, trips and let all his mistletoe fall down
:lepus runs and stops at the stairs
Shemhazaj:ok, you three decorate the Log with Mistletoe
:Yala Sviseusen smiles
:Marvolo goes to help Phear Wolf retrieving the mistletoe
Shemhazaj:but save most of it for decorationg the Inn and other houses
:Yala Sviseusen walks over to the log and silently begins placing mistletoe on it
:lepus opens her robes showing lots of mistletoe & starts to put some on the yule log
:mcvitie mumbles more and sits on the bottom step
Phear Wolf: *starts gathering the fallen mistletoe* thanks Marvolo
lepus:log ish purdy
:Curiose snaps a bit of mistletoe from her bunch and places it on the log.
Shemhazaj:put the rest on the cloth there *points to a white cloth on the ground*
Yala Sviseusen: *st* eps back and admires the Yule log
*Mya Celestia*:I have special Yule mead for once we light the log, too *smiles*
:Marvolo takes one branch and places it on the log
:Lintara pulls out a piece of mistletoe out of her mane and places it on the log
:Yala Sviseusen steps back and admires the Yule Log
lepus: *puts the rest of the mistletoe on the white cloth* there you go shemie
:lepus grins
:Yala Sviseusen drops the rest out of her robe and onto the cloth
:Phear Wolf grabs one of his branches and put it in the log
:Curiose puts hers on the designated cloth
Shemhazaj: *points to a deep hole in the ground* don't fall in there
Shemhazaj:I told Darigan to dig deep...
:Phear Wolf falls in there
:Marvolo looks over the edge
Phear Wolf: *jumps back out* sorry...
Lintara:Just how dee- *trips and falls in*
:Yala Sviseusen moves to stand next to Shem
Lintara: *quickly leaps out* Oh...
:*Mya Celestia* takes a bunch of unlit torches and passes them around to all gathered
:lepus stands beside shemie
:Yala Sviseusen takes the torch with a nod
:mcvitie mumbles as takes the torch
Phear Wolf: *laughs* Shem, you should have said "fall in there"
:Shemhazaj puts his hood on his head
:lepus looks at the torch & at mya
:Marvolo goes to sit next to Mcvitie
:mcvitie blows on the end and it bursts into flames
:Lintara takes the torch
*Mya Celestia*: *whispers to lepus* Hold it in both hands and be extra careful once it's lit.
:mcvitie shoves it in the ground and goes back to her mumbling
:[Spell] Sioc
:lepus looks at mya & nods & holds the torch tightly in both hands
Shemhazaj:ok, I'll start now
:Marvolo is happy he has a warm fur
Shemhazaj:please no fooling around ok? *smiles*
:Shemhazaj places his hands on the ground
Curiose:Certainly. *Winks.*
:Phear Wolf stares Shemhazaj attently
:Yala Sviseusen pulls the cowl of her robe down farther to block the cold
Shemhazaj:I call out to the Earth Mother
Shemhazaj:You who support me.
Shemhazaj:You who hold me
Shemhazaj:You who has birthed me and will once again take me.
Shemhazaj:Earth Mother, in her daily travels, the sun passes through you.
Shemhazaj:Her path has grown longer with each passing day
Shemhazaj:Since the last Solstice, this summer gone.
Shemhazaj:It is in your power to shorten this trail
Shemhazaj:The lonely one through your tunnels and caves
Shemhazaj:I ask that you hear your children
Shemhazaj:And show her the way.
Shemhazaj: *stands up and looks towards Mya* start the fire.
:*Mya Celestia* lights her torch
:*Mya Celestia* carefully lights everybody's torch
*Mya Celestia*:Burning of the Yuletide log is a celebration of the winter solstice.
*Mya Celestia*:While we have no night in this world, there are still times of great darkness.
*Mya Celestia*:The burning of the log signifies the cleansing of the past, As the slate is wiped clean and the new year dawns
*Mya Celestia*:Let us lay the darkness of the past at the yule log that it may be burned away
*Mya Celestia*:So may our futures be as bright as this flame and as cheerful as the adornments that welcome it.
*Mya Celestia*:The mistletoe adorns the log for a purpose
*Mya Celestia*:An evergreen that reminds us of life and is a sign of prosperity and good fortune.
*Mya Celestia*:It brings the hope of new futures and new romances as well. Let us all remember that without love our lives are dark, too.
*Mya Celestia*:Let us all step forward and light the log as one.
:*Mya Celestia* turns to face the log
:Yala Sviseusen faces the log
:mcvitie mumbles and grabs her torch, steeping towards the log
:lepus faces the log
:Shemhazaj faces the Log
:Curiose takes a step to light the log.
:Lintara face the log, her tail twitching a bit
:Azull faces the log
:Amoran K Kol draws Marvolo's sword, moving in a circle around the crowd in order to reach him.
:Amoran K Kol touches Marvolo with the Sword of Storms, the flat of the blade lightly resting agaisnt his forehead.
:Marvolo points his ears and searcher for Amoran in the crowd
:ERO ERO faces the log
:Marvolo Touches the sword, and goes to stand a little way out of the crowd
:*Mya Celestia* offers Amoran a lit torch so that she may join
:Amoran K Kol sheathes Marvolo's sword and turns toward the crowd, observing what is happening.
:Amoran K Kol smiles softly and accepts the torch, nodding to Mya.
:Marvolo sits down, waiting for the transformation to begin
*Mya Celestia*: *holds her torch to the log* Let us join in heart and fire
:Yala Sviseusen places her torch on the log
:lepus watches mya and copies her
:Curiose lights the torch with everyone else.
:Lintara holds her torch to the log
mcvitie:Guess I should as well... *mumbles and does the same*
:*Mya Celestia* smiles and nods to lepus
:Amoran K Kol approaches the log and kneels, placing the small torch against the log, brushing her fingers over it's dry surface before standing and moving away.
:lepus touches the log with her torch
Amoran K Kol: *speaks softly.* May you light the way as the world falls to rest.
:Shemhazaj watches the log starting to burn
:Yala Sviseusen motions for Lepus and Curiose to join her and begins gracefully dancing around the fire, very quietly humming low tones
:lepus joins yala and dances around the fire
Curiose:Must I dance?
:Amoran K Kol watches Yala with a soft smile set in her features.
:Marvolo feels his legs and arms becoming longer, and his nose shorter
:Yala Sviseusen the soft hums quickly elevate to a strong chant
lepus: *nods* curiose dance!
:Lintara catches the tune, but resists the urge to dance
Curiose:Nah, I'd rather stay rooted.
:lepus puts a hand out to curiose
:mcvitie goes back to her seat, sitting next to Marv as he transforms
:Phear Wolf moves his head with the rithym
Shemhazaj: *looks at Curry* it'd be good if you did
Curiose:Shroomness is calling and... shroomness does not dance.
:Marvolo feels his hairs grow shorter
Curiose:Oh fien.
Curiose:I'll do it for the ceremony.
:Amoran K Kol turns to Marvolo and quietly unfastens her cloak, gently draping it around Marvolo as he begins to transform.
:lepus grins happily at curiose
:Shemhazaj smiles to the the priestesses
:Curiose gets up and awkwardly begins to dance.
:Shemhazaj faces the Fire
Shemhazaj:Snow and ice have cooled our minds
:Marvolo tries to stand up once the transformation is almost complete
Shemhazaj:Cold winds have blown away our fertile thoughts
:lepus dances around the fire
:Mystic wanders over next to Amoran and takes a seat
Shemhazaj:Silent days have stilled our tongues
Shemhazaj:Like the bear, the fox, and the toad
Shemhazaj:Our creativity hibernates without the warmth of the sun.
:Yala Sviseusen 's chants rise to the point of climax, accentuating Shems words
Shemhazaj:Come to us now, Inspiration, as the sun returns!
Shemhazaj:As the sun grows in strength
Shemhazaj:So may the fire in our hearts!
:Marvolo stands up, wrapping his cloak thighter
Shemhazaj: *turns to Marvolo* Gatekeeper, open the gates.
:Marvolo smiles to Shem and turns to the hole in the ground
Marvolo:Open the way
Marvolo:Open the way
Marvolo:Great Spirit
Marvolo:Open the way
:Marvolo makes an opening triskel over the Hole; envision it as a gate to the Underworld
:Marvolo turns to the fire
Marvolo:Open the way
Marvolo:Open the way
Marvolo:Great Spirit
Marvolo:Open the way
:Marvolo makes an opening triskel over the Fire; envision it as a gate to the Upperworld
:Marvolo turns to the surrounding Trees
Marvolo:Open the way
Marvolo:Open the way
Marvolo:Great Spirit
Marvolo:Open the way
:Marvolo makes an opening triskel over the trees; envision it as the crossroads of the Worlds
Marvolo:Let the Gates be Opened!
:Shemhazaj nods to Marvolo
:Shemhazaj looks around at all the people gathered
:Marvolo nods and turns back to the fire, warming his hands
:Shemhazaj faces the Fire again
:lepus stops dancing and stares into the fire
Shemhazaj:Now, I close this rite.
Shemhazaj:But first, let me thank those who have offered help:
Shemhazaj:Nature Spirits, for adding your voice to mine,
:Phear Wolf lays down as he starts to feel dizzy
:Mystic shivers and moves closer to the fire
Shemhazaj:I thank you.
Shemhazaj:Earth Mother, for showing the sun the proper ways,
Shemhazaj:I thank you.
Shemhazaj:To all the powers who have here aided me,
Shemhazaj:I say again, I thank you.
Shemhazaj:Gatekeeper, Firekeeper and Priestesses *looking at them accordingly*
Shemhazaj:I thank you.
Shemhazaj:This rite is ended!
:Yala Sviseusen smiles
:Marvolo smiles
:lepus looks at shemie and grins
:Shemhazaj takes off his hood
:Phear Wolf grins softly
*Mya Celestia*: *smiles stepping toward Shem* Nicely done
Curiose:Yush, well done
Shemhazaj: *points to the pile of mistletoe* now that the ceremony is done,
Shemhazaj:everyone can take the mistletoe and hang it above the entry of their homes
:[Spell] Light the Way - Marvolo, Mystic, Tarquinus, Curiose, Fyrd Argentus, BigC, mcvitie, *Mya Celestia*
Shemhazaj:it'll grant good fortune in the year that draws near
:[Spell] Light the Way - Shemhazaj, Yala Sviseusen, Azull, Ero, Lintara, Phear Wolf, Rumi, VonUngernSternberg, lepus, everyone
Yala Sviseusen: *hugs Shem* Beautifully done A’maelamin
Shemhazaj:let's us decorate the Inn *grins*

End :)


Special thanks to Shemhazaj and Mya Celestia, who did the preparations for the event!
And of course to all who attended the ceremony!

Happy Yule ;)

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