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Selling Some Aged Birds


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Bird 1 -Torondor- Age: 188

Current bid:

Bird 2 -Huggin- Age: 401

Current bid:

Bird 3 -White Bird- Age: 307
Tokens: none

Current bid:

I'll be willing to sell the whole package for 35sc (Maybe less... Surprise me)

I will sell when I'm satisfied with the offers.

Edit: Also, I will sell them for MD credits (Trying to support the game) 2.5sc/credit ratio... Or something near that...

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wrote a long messgae and got annoyed when my comp/server decided to wipe it when posting
so i wont "flower" around with language this time


one wilderwild here Age 600 1 token = 3 silver
but... you know about my valuations of things so i really shouldnt be messaging this :P
thought it could help anyway

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