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I have a GG drach, id 47xxxx , 314 age(as of day 363) with the ff tokens:

Claw I/II
Blooddrop I/II/III
Gold Tear

Selling for CREDITS. But other convincing offers may do. (50+ creds)
Also accepting:
Untokened GG + difference
Wind drach (I'll be adding stuff for these. pm me for my offer)

Will NOT accept rusry/rein anymore.. And also not accepting tokened crits.

CURRENT OFFER: 50 creds --> Mighty Pirate
Bidding Ends: 16-Jan

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(1 gold)
(imperial aramor with 326 age+11 tokens:

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heh, just got informed that the deal I was opting for got cancelled. Therefore there won't be any need for this sale.
So from now on, I'm only going to accept credits. (50+) Bidding ends indefinitely.

@dst.. terribly sorry for wasting your time..

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[size="3"][font="Arial Black"]Deal Done. Please close topic..[/font][/size]

(PS: I have another one with roughly the same stats. I'll only sell it for 60 creds, though.. pm me if interested..)

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