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Sasha Lilias

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I am selling a GG drach and willing to accept either gold, silver, items,credits or other creatures.(Please take into concideration that I am NOT going to trade this creature in for creatures like Aramors or Heretics.)

Age 96

Current trade value: 146, Transfered 1 times.

[color="#FF0000"]No tokens.
Highest bid- Zleiphneir amount in coins: 10gc

[color="#696969"]Edit: Oh and bidding ends in 2 hours. :) Happy bidding.[/color]

[color="#0000FF"][u]Creature Conversion:[/u]

Santa; 4gc
Nutcracker; 4gc
SW; 3gc
Rusty; 7gc(every 5 tokens = 1gc more)
Sharptear; 3gc

(Note: All other creatures with tokens gain 1gc value more for every [u]6[/u] tokens.
Example: Imperial with 14 tokens = 20sc + 2g = 3g5sc)[/color]

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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1293995665' post='76658']
what creatures ~are~ you interested in?
It would depend. I am looking for creatures that I can use, not just collect. Creatures such as heretics, barrens, knators and aramors will not be considered (unless they have a mountain of tokens).Apart from them I am willing to take everything else into consideration. :)

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