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Currently MAGIC CTC's can only be put on Drachs, by special request to Indyra's Alliance. I doubt you will find a deal like this again in the near future, especially regarding the creatures that are to be sold.

CTC Creatures keep all there stats on transfer. So not only does it save time on levelling up, it allows low ID creatures to become a "collection" creature for anyone interested in that, although none of my creatures for sale are excessivly old. The angien has a lot of wins also.

Priority will be put in the order of Items, Gold/silver, Rare creatures, where age and tokens are also a deciding factor.

A few "rules" can be found at the bottom of this post and i should be thankful if you could follow them.

All age displayed here is correct, from Day 4 Year 6 (or 5/01/2011)as are the won battles although will be updated when auction start.

[size="5"][b]Sale has started![/b][/size] will be levelling up BP to max and will inform when done.
(edit : only one BP will be for sale, as reaching MAX xp and am worried i wont even be able to get one max'd)

1. [color="#0000FF"]Santa[/color] (ID 606984)
Experience 243198
Won battles 363
Age 376
Maximum level for this creature was reached.

Creature Tokens (11)
[claw3] [claw1] [stardust] [kellethafire] [blacktear][blooddrop1] [antifreeze] [darkshield][onyxfangs][firedrop] [blackdiamonds]

2. [color="#FFA500"]Elemental[/color] (Very low ID (in my opinion) 21184)

Experience 1759228
Won battles 699
Age 1157
Maximum level for this creature was reached.

Creature Tokens (8)

3. [color="#FF0000"]Bloodpact 1[/color](shop bought chaos archer, with special influences)ID 655705
Experience 338998
Won battles 679
Age 173
Maximum level for this creature was reached

Creature Tokens (3)

[s]4. [color="#FF0000"]Bloodpact 2[/color] (ID 658021)[/s](no longer for sale Reason above)

[s]Experience 111015
Won battles 356
Age 126

Creature tokens (1)

5. [color="#9ACD32"]Sharptear[/color] (shop bought loreroot scout, with special influences) (ID 655707)

Experience 238761
Won battles 245
Age 173
Maximum level for this creature was reached.

Creature Tokens (9)
[enlightning](can be Very powerful in my mind..)[blackdiamonds]

6. [color="#800080"]Angien[/color] (ID 506569 given to me by Ailith who aquired it)(will ONLY be under discussion for trade for a Tainted Angien.)
Experience 1959763
Won battles 2636
Age 577
Maximum level for this creature was reached.

Creature Tokens (11)

As with other trades i should say that i will only complete a trade on a creature if the bid is satisfying, and some may not even be sold. There is no end to the sale, as such, but it wont drag on forever.
"combo" trades are allowed but discouraged.
All and any bids from one person must be made in a SINGLE forum post, which must be edited with date and time stamps to show current and past bids. If a second post is made, it shall not be counted. Please retain old bids with time stamps, in your initial/updated single post to help show bidding progression if there is any, as this is interesting for me.
If you wish to ask a question, please do so in the same post as your bidding history, and if it has been answered you are free to clear it, to save space, and i will then be able to do the same.
[size="4"]No[/size] private bids will be accepted, all private messages regarding these creatures will be directed here, as will all discussion regarding them.
I will make a post after this one and edit it to answer any current questions if there are any, and this is the only post i will use to discuss these creatures.

I hope there should be some interest in these creatures, especially in the Santa. I know the other creatures are not amazing,its just their max level (and/or tokens) which may be of interest to someone who doesnt want to spend the time training. but depending on how well this goes i may consider other creatures to sell.

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Asterdai's discussion post (to be edited if any questions need to be answered)

nice starting bid Sasha, thanks

Reminder - please just edit your first and only post, and check back here for any updates.

( Vornicel has requested a time when the sale will end, so its only fair to place a date, Fri 14th Jan 11:59, its then i can decide whether a high enough bid for the creatures has been reached, if i decide not to sell a compensation will be paid to the highest bidder if the bid was close but not good enough, at my discretion)[/color]

Highest latest bid requested by sasha,

Santa - IAB (4 gold)
Ele - Dragonrider (4 gold)
BP - BigC (2 gold 5 silver)
Sharptear - Mr Mystery(4 gold)

O.o VERY good point, that i had forgot to mention, a creature LOSES its MAGIC code after transfer. thanks for the question Sasha, if it alters your bids please feel free to change them.

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[quote name='Kaliopy' timestamp='1294446043' post='77081']
Hello Asterdai!

Four silver for your Elemental?

That is not more than Sasha's bid of a tokened SW.

Asterdai, as a rule, I don't edit a post of mine to reply to something that follows it. It makes a thread harder to read.

Edited by apophys
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Santa - IAB (4 gold)
Ele - Dragonrider (4 gold)
BP - BigC (2 gold 5 silver)
Sharptear - Mr Mystery(4 gold)

Top price at end of auction.
Santa will not be sold. BP sold to BC, Shaprtear sold to Mr mystery.
Ele will not be sold
Sorry to not sell but i think their prices didnt quite hit expected value

2 silver will be given, each, to the Dragonrider and IAB for compensation

BigC and mr mystery i shall wait in MDP until trade is complete

After the bids i was approached by Miq

Who paid 5 gold (in my eyes) for the Magic santa, i think it only fair to say

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removed a doublepost
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