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Posting Free Credits Problems


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[color="#000000"][b][font="Verdana"][size="3"]Follow this instructions when posting any Free Credits Problems[/size][/font][/b][/color] [list=1][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]If there is already a topic for the same problem, [b]DO NOT [/b]create another, instead post in it to elaborate the Problem.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"][b]DO NOT[/b] post a different problem in reply to a topic, if so it will be deleted.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]Use a good title for your post. This will help us identify what the problem is quickly before we read the bulk of the problem. Also try and use the Topic Description for easier distinction between problems.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]When posting problem please [b]try to upload an image[/b] either using the attachment up-loader on the forum or by providing a link to where it would be hosted on a image sharing site.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]Try and Explain the problem clearly and concisely. Make sure that you include all the details and check the topic regularly if there is any more information needed to solve your problem.[/size][/font][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"][b]NO SPOILERS ALLOWED[/b], if you believe that posting your problem here can lead to [b]Spoilers[/b], please send your problem to [b]ads@magicduel.com[/b][/size][/font][/list][font="Verdana"][size="2"]
[size="3"][b][color="#000000"]Common Problem:[/color][/b][/size]
[/size][/font][list][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"]Problem: I haven't received the Vital Energy, Value Points, or Action Points that I should receive when I used the free credits.[/size][/font][/list][list][*][font="Verdana"][size="2"] Answer: Refresh the interface (press F5) and that should display all your gained points. Also remember that if you go over max and the timer reaches 0 you will lose all your points above your max values.[/size][/font][/list] [font="Verdana"][size="2"]
[b][color="#ff0000"]BTW: We are working with Free Credits Links, so don't post that you see different images, descriptions, etc...[/color][/b]



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