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Sudden Absence (Peace)

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No not of me, topic is on behalf of Peace;

She's having trouble with her computer currently, none of the browsers she tried let her get onto the net properly.

Can't be here herself in any way currently but she will work a way to do so eventually. She sends apologies to adepts, worshippers and Necrovians.

If needed, people can find her on yim only since it is the only thing she can use to contact the world currently.


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last time that happened I had a virus. Couldn't connect to the internet but could still use basic chat lines. Had to rebuild my computer from scratch. It could also be the browser for internet explorer. You could try reset the defaults.
Grido if you could pass this on it might be helpful.

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When I spoke to her before she said she thought it was likely to be a virus and that her brother was going to have a look at it I think, definitely sounds like it to me, anyway, that or a wire break in the LAN

She tried IE and FF, if not others as well, so not a browser thing

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I've seen this before and there's a handful of things it could be - most of them virus or rootkit related. Could be a:

- DNS issue, solved by entering new DNS servers manually in the NIC's tcp/ip settings.

- Winsock issue. I've seen some registry hacks that are supposed to clean this up if the winsock related netsh commands don't work. Winsockfix is a program that is also supposed to fix winsock issues.

- Proxy issue. This one's tricky to find/fix, but somehow the proxy settings could have been changed or hijacked.

- Modem/Router/Firewall issue. Could be related to the proxy thing as well, but some of the settings on the gateway could have been changed maliciously or lost due to power outage or device failure.

I've been in IT for about a decade, and I just formatted my PC when this happened. It was easier for me than trying to track down what actually happened. Especially if it's a rootkit - which I suspected mine was - you'll likely never fix the problem without a reinstall.

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