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Need some feedback please.

I know there are not alot of players that are using twitter, but I would like to know how many are using twitter.

I will be starting a quest soon using ONLY twitter, with WPs as rewards.

This quest will be special because not only players will be given an opportunity to win WP, but the quest will help advertise MD in Twitter with the hope that Twitter users will know more about MD.

I do not need your Twitter id, just say yes or no.

Btw, if you do not have a Twitter id, now is an opportunity for you to sign up and learn how to use it. Advantage goes to players who knows how to use the Twitter well to win the quest.

I should be starting the quest at the end of the month.

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As most quest go, only the participants will benefit from it when they win a WP.

This quest is intended to benefit the game as well by making the name #magicduel a trending topic.

Without giving too much away, the quest forces participants to tweet about MagicDuel.

The rules to the quest will be posted when the quest starts.

The whole quest will be played in Twitter without any in game involvement.

The Forum will be used for communication purposes only.

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[quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1298560314' post='79513']
twitter will suck the life out of you and then post it without your permission
Twitter is useless....I mean....why would you want to post everyyy single thing you do on the internet...and more so..who care?! :P

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