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So as far back as I remember I wanted to own an ocarina, so the other day I pre-ordered one. I didn't want to spend a lot on something I might get bored with so I decided to pick this one:

I'm now curious as to if anyone here has an ocarina, which exactly they have, and if they did or are learning about playing one.

When deciding on the one I wanted first, my friend suggested the Ocarina of Time:

But the mouthpiece looks weird to me... :/

I was thinking after wards if I get into it, I might get a dragon tooth one:

I also ordered this:

And I apparently am now obligated to learn every one of these songs... can't wait :D

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I play the Ocarina. Mine is very small, more akin (but smaller than) to this one:[url="http://www.songbirdocarina.com/sweet-potato-ocarinas?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=63&category_id=7"]Small Ocarina[/url]

I grew up learning tin whistle, so it wasn't very difficult to learn for me - and I like high pitches. The small stature means I can carry it on a leather thong and play whenever I feel like it. The deeper tones of the larger versions are very nice though. Once you have the basics, adding in the embelishments is the most fun.


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[quote name='Asterdai' timestamp='1297645770' post='78842']
me playing the tin whistle, you two are officially the only people i know in the world with Ocarina's. Would love to hear you play it
Okay, Yoshi's #1. Who's #2?

Edit: Ah, just noticed Z saying he plays it.

And get a better camera and mic. The ones on the computer are of low quality.

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