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Avatars i drew


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[attachment=2610:Cloakclack.gif] [attachment=2609:Bookbook.gif] [attachment=2603:Ladyladylady.gif] [attachment=2602:Ladylady.gif] [attachment=2601:WarWary.gif] [attachment=2599:WarWar.gif]
[attachment=2595:Evilevil.gif] [attachment=2590:Avatar 1.gif] [attachment=2591:WizWiz.gif] [attachment=2592:Flowflow.gif] [attachment=2593:fairfair.gif] [attachment=2589:AngelAng.gif]

I'll add more later.

Critiques and tips?

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the last one is the coolest ^^ (yay for empty praise) I don't want to necessarily rate them, so I'll rank them: 5th picture 1st, 3rd picture 2nd, 2nd picture 3rd, 4th picture 4th, and 1st picture 5th. anyway, I'm terrible at drawing, so I appreciate anyone that tries to draw. good work! :)

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One thing that I would like to comment on, is that they need more anatomical structure. What I see, is the drawings [of the humans] are quite blocky, and therefore, lack any real shape or depth to them, which would allow an opening for shading, or line details. However, this is coming from someone who has an obsession with drawing hands. : p

My suggestion, would be to study the human anatomy a bit. Look at other drawings, or pictures, of naturally formed people [not "ideal" figures, which constitutes plastic surgery.] One thing that is gnawing at me, is the breast shape of the faerie. While, that is the 'general' shape of breasts, It looks more like an angle that randomly sprouted from the neck. Perhaps adding a clavicle of which to help it sprout from, would help.

Anywho, good work. Hope this helps.

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I agree completely with Curiose about anatomy. That is one of my weakest points, and I often look for reference pictures to make sure that the pose I am trying to draw will actually work.

I notice that you have done a little bit of shading, for example where one leg is in front of another in the top two drawings, and I suggest adding a lot more; depending on where you want the light to be coming from, the entire back half of a limb might be in shadow compared to the front half of that limb. I think that more extensive shading (and gradations in shading) might help add depth, solidity, and a feeling of roundness to the figures.

My favourite of the five is the last one. I think the expression on the mask is nicely detailed, and creepy…

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[quote name='adiomino' timestamp='1297730621' post='78867']

Forgot to say... Muahahaha.. my scanner is working

I'll add more later. And any info on changing the background to transparent?

I already know i need to put MD on the flower and i need to darken all my avatars

Critiques? Comments? Ratings from 1-5? Please post opinions ^_^

(What's the size they have to be?
He adio,

try seeing [url="http://www.posemaniacs.com/"]Poses[/url] to get the proportions and also try drawing reading some highly inspiring comics by Marvel or some and as i told get a book by Christopher Hart.

And now coming to making of avatar, i do this

1. Scan your pic.
2. Open photoshop, adjust the contrast and levels to darken the pic.
3. Crop the image to its boundaries and resize it to 100x160 using photo shop, save as jpg.
4. Open the image in Adobe fireworks.
5. Go to Commands->Creative->Convert To GrayScale
6. Then Filters->Others->Convert To Alpha.
7. Use the eraser and remove if any bad smudges are there in your image.
8. Then File->Image Preview->Select Alpha transparency and export.
9. Avatar is ready

[b]I actually followed the description provided by Yoshi here [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6903-how-to-export-transparent-gif-avy/"]Avymake[/url] [/b]


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