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Fyrd Argentus

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Some day I will want to make the 4 instruments described in my papers. I'd like to start getting a line on who might have these, and what it might take to get them.

Winderwild Feather (surely I can pluck one from my own Winderwild?)
Knator Bone
Knator Hide
Loreroot Oak Wood (sounds like a plank from the woodcutters)
Unicorn Hair
Mithril (alleged to be an elemental's heart)
Medusa bones
Medusa hide

Query to crafters - can sacrifice of a Medusa, a Knator, etc. qualify for certain of the above raw materials in making a magical item?

[Edit: typos fixed.]

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If I remember correctly, a lot of people have the base item made..and then the magical part is just described. For example my old harp was made from Golden Oak, I didn't say what the strings were made from though.
As long as you have the main items...then I am sure it can all just be described. :)

Example: Arrow
Description: An arrow made of loreroot wood, the flights are that of winderwild feathers.
Items needed: Lumber

I am not sure about this, but I remember it in other peoples items descriptions. :)


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