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Disable Token Display Option


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Well, the topic sums it up:

Implementing an option that enables or disables the loading of token art during fights, in ritual creation and on the creatures page.

Pro's: Would make it easier on us with lousy connections/ PCs

Con's: Time to code it...

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yeah, I would like to use that pretty much.

List of tokens I can read on the token section, but when I watch the simulation of the battle, I want to watch the simulation of creatures battling, not 300 pictures summed in 3 centimeters after which you can see everything BUT the creatures

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Agreed, I would like an option to disable the loading of token images in battle/everywhere else. It shouldn't be too hard to code, since the tokens are on a separate image layer to the basic creature image, anyway. Just have the option toggle whether the layer tokens appear on appears or not.

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I support this idea, or at least an option to toggle it for those who prefer the tokens to display.

At first, it was interesting ot figure out "Hey, what ARE those strange things on the creatures?!" but in highly tokenized fights, I get confused by the myriad colours and overlays. They are pretty, of course, but if interested in the details of the combat log, I don't even look at them anymore, and just look through the text log of the battles anyway.
If it lessens server load or Flash memory usage, that's another bonus. Winning!
Still, I'd prefer the option to turn it on/off, for those who like the current pretty colours too.

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