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I decided silvertongue would be a great bit of fun for Rumi, since he's a poet. I knew from experience with other players that I don't have the appropriate character sets installed on my MacBook and now I have determined which characters I am missing.

Can someone can help me find the character sets I need to display SIlvertongue on a MacBook? (generally I use Chrome browser).

Missing characters:

a b c d e f h i l m s u


1 5 6 7 8 9

Thanks for your help.

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I already have a list of the entire alphabet of silvertongue, I'll identify the fonts [s]when I get home from work (that will be about 12 hours from now,[/s] Ill make a complete list)

EDIT: Or I'll get it done now
aAbcdfiKlmNOQrSTuU=Cambria Math
gGRyY=Plantagenet Cherokee
CFIjkoPqtvVwWzZ=Times New Roman
s=MV Boli
J=Arial Unicode MS

156780=Cambria Math
3=Times New Roman

`~@#$%^&()<•>/?;⁝'[{]}|-_=+ [b]All Times New Roman[/b]
⁂〃 [b]MS Mincho[/b]
॰ [b]Mangal[/b]

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I have tried to download and install these fonts with mixed success.

It appears that I have correctly added kalinga and MV Boli.

I have definitely had trouble finding Cambria Math, which unfortunately is most of the alphabet.

I am not sure if I have success with Mangal or not. I have tried two different versions and the first definitely didn't work. By the time I got the second installed, my silvertongue had run out and I'm not sure if any of the characters remaining on the screen are h or H.

I only have one silvertongue cast left until spells are recharged, so I'm hoping for it to be used for a successful test.

Please send a link if you have any idea where to get these two fonts.

EDIT: For non-windows users who need Cambria Math, try Asana-Math

I haven't tried the entire alphabet, but it is showing a few characters that remain on my screen from my last silvertongue cast.

SECOND EDIT: I used my final silvertongue cast and Asana-Math works fine for the entire alphabet. I am now able to see the entire silvertongue character set except for h and H. I have tried three different downloads of the mangal font, each 144 KB (probably all the same) and none of them seem to work.

Is it possible you listed the wrong font? Are there any compatible fonts that might work? I noticed that you also listed mangal for the comma , = ॰

I have been able to see that symbol from the start, even before downloading Mangal or any of the other three Hindi font packs I have just tried.

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Both H's are definetly Mangal.
[s]If you give me an email address, I may be able to send you my copy of the font.[/s]
It would seem I can't send them, as they are specially protected within windows, but for those users who do use windows this wiki article tells you how to get the font without having to pay $49 (!) for it.

[url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangal_%28font%29"]Wiki Article[/url]

Also, my version is Mangal 5.00 and that works perfectly. Apparently, Arial Unicode also includes these characters.

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I downloaded a version of Arial Unicode and installed it to my collection. From what I can tell, I already have a pre-installed version of Arial Unicode, so it may not be much help.

Can you put the h and H in mangal here on the forum so I can see if my macbook can read it without having to cast silvertongue again?

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Here is a list of all the different characters and their fonts, so that you can see if you have them working yet.
????????????????????????????????????????????????????ℜ???????????????? =Cambria Math
ଽଽ =Kalinga
ᎶᎶᎡᎩᎩ =Plantagenet Cherokee
ऄऄ =Mangal
ϾFIᴊkoⱣqᴌѵѴѡѠⱬⱫ =Times New Roman
Լղթ =Sylfaen
ގ =MV Boli
〤〤 =PMingLiU
ᙟᙊᗰ =Euphemia
Ⴋ =Arial Unicode MS
????????????????????⊕ =Cambria Math
ᘖ =Euphemia
ӡ =Times New Roman
Կ =Sylfaen
୨ =Kalinga
`~@#$%^&()<•>/?;⁝'[{]}|-_=+ [b]All Times New Roman[/b]
⁂〃 [b]MS Mincho[/b]
॰ [b]Mangal[/b]

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