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Leet Speak Spell



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There are lots of spells and items that change chatting.


Bottle of Liquid Dutch
Bottle of Liquid French
(and one or two other of those...)
Windy's Endless Supply of Beer

And a nice addition would be the Leet Speak Spell
[Spell]:y0u 15 U83R - aaront222
aaront222:h3110 p33p5 (hi people)
aaront222:900D j08 y0u !5 1337 (good job you are leet)

alphabet (english a to z)
4, 8, (, D, 3, F, 9, 4, !, J, K, 1 M, N, 0 (that's a zero), P, ?, R, 5, 7, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
The alphabet is incomplete mainly because although SOME of the letters can be represented by combonations of characters (eg |\| for N, [) for D)it would look really messy and just make lots of chatting look really weird.

Method for obtaining-
Wish Shop?
An ingame puzzle...?
A present you can find under the tree at GoE...?
Mur deciding to be generous :D
Someone gets item "Elite Potion" description "If someone drinks this potion they will become 1337"

What do you think?

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1300131260' post='80640']
How many ways can you say no?

Instead of having a rant about how uneducated slobs use leet speak, i will merely say that that form of diction does not fit in with magicduel.

I'm going to have to agree with Chewett here. While 1337 speak is funny, it seems a bit more anachronistic than temporarily shifting chat to other languages. Interesting idea, of course, but I personally dislike that (and txt spk 4 u lol) in the realm.

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Yeah, no.

Leet speak is just annoying, even if you can read it, and there wouldn't be any point to it. In MD we are encouraged to work towards having propper spelling and grammar so that everyone can understand us, this doesn't exactly fit with that.

If you look at everything else you listed, they have practical and RP reasons. Being the nature of leet speak, it doesn't have any place within a fantasy RP setting.

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