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I have an Angien by the name of [b]Virgil[/b], and it currently is available for changing the owner. It has been a loyal to me, and only me, for what is now more than 250 days. It was involved in certain cases of misbehavior as well as some interesting duels for which i am certain it will provide some insight. At this moment, [b]it is sporting 10 Million experience and some intelligence.
Maximum public bid reached is 5 silver coins by Phear Wolf, followed by Ravenstrider's 4 silver coins.
Maximum anonymous bid is interesting, they all usually are.

Time is not of much importance in this story. Bids are. Just to give you a small part of the hint list, all bids are valid - be they legal or illegal, unique or not, material, creatures, favors, experience, items, coins, favors, secrets...

Be creative in bidding, bids as well as ways of approaching with your offers.

Public bid leader - [b]I am Bored[/b] (2 gold coins), followed by [b]Phear Wolf[/b] (5 silver coins)
Anonymous bid - "considerable"

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