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WTB Slime


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I am beginning deep research on the Meeting of the Roads scene and I want to acquire a slime creature like the one found there (NPC stretched between the two rocks).

If anybody has one, I will gladly buy it for an appropriate value. If anybody has an idea where to get one, let me know. I suspect it may be hard to come by.

Feel free to respond on forum or by personal message.


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It has been some time since I fought against the slime and I remember it having a different "avatar" than the road shades. I have confirmed now that it is a shade and an elemental.

Given this confirmation, I am in fact looking to purchase a shade.

If anyone would be willing to sell one uber-cheap ( for a good cause, of course ;) ) or consider taking a series of payments as I can afford them, I am looking to purchase one. I give my word to honor my debt as I have honored a previous debt (I will give further evidence if requested).

Another possibility would be a loan agreement whereby I offer a small sum of money to borrow a Shade for a determined period of time in order to conduct my research.

Thank you.

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