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that darn fifth principle.

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Recently, I became an MP5. I suppose it is expected that someone who becomes an MP5 should have at least a general knowledge of principles and acquiring them in story mode. I, however, did not fit under that category. Instead of choosing my fifth principle, I unknowingly increased the four that I already had, and thus became severely disadvantaged. Or at least I will be. I have completed story mode, and was wondering if there is any way to gain that last principle. any help or suggestions would be great. Even if it is a no, I would still at least appreciate an answer.

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That's a good question. On another note, I wish there was more clarity when selecting principles. I understand why they wouldn't try to explain the operations and results of choosing certain principles, but couldn't the story page simply say, "You can select one additional principle every MP level."?

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I was pretty sure it did in fact say that you can chose one additional per MP level, I'll have a look though and say if otherwise

About going to MP6, haven't / can't remember spoken to anyone with the story route open for mp6, but unless you fit into that rare category, then there is no option to gain further principles that route.

LE: yup, pop-up I believe;[quote]You entered story mode.
During story mode you can only access the quest page. Each part of the story allows you to learn new skills and principles. The skills are received automaticaly but you have to choose the principles. [color="#ff0000"][b]You may only choose one principle type for each mindpower point you have[/b].[/color] The principles you have choosen will determine how your character will learn spells later in the game and how your personal profile will evolve.
Click on 'info' to view more details about a principle and click its name to choose it.[/quote]

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From memory (READ: have not experienced this, this is just what I have heard), you can get your missing principle by going to an altar that would otherwise grant that principle, and it will give you it when you sacc a creature there (that has enough experience to grant principle raise).

Otherwise, get a Wishpoint and Petition Mur/Council (Council would be best)

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Just to clarify, unless things have changed in that department since the end of last year-As far as I'm aware going to MP6 even if you have completed MP5 storymode through to the end does not grant you another principle.

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