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WTS various crits


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[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#696969"]Prices given are the minimal bids.
[size="4"][color="#708090"]MD Bday party auction change...[/color][/size]

Rusty Drach: [color="#4169E1"]FREE Azurekyte[/color]
Pimp: [color="#4169E1"] FREE x2 Chewett [/color]
Joker: [color="#4169E1"] FREE ZenTao[/color]
Joker: [color="#4169E1"] FREE nadrolski[/color]
Bird (489 age): [color="#4169E1"] FREE baiano[/color]
Angien [stardust/jewelshards/bloddrop1] (193 age): [color="#4169E1"] FREE Sasha Lilias[/color]


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[quote]Prices given are the minimal bids.[/quote]

[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#696969"]That means that you don't need to PM me asking if I'll sell for less. Answer is no.


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[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#696969"]sure you can, it's an auction :P[/color][/font]

[quote]Unless ofc someone else wants some for 2c and i would gladly share half of them [/quote]

[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#808080"]you can even bid 2 coins ;)

right now I was thinking of selling only 3 of the 4 so I'll wait for Chewett and you to confirm if you can share the 3 or both of you want 2 each.
sorry for the messup...[/color][/font]

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