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In response to Mur's update, i decided to write about the first thing that came to mind.

I have been playing MD for quite a while now, usually only off and on, and with multiple accounts. What I have noticed is that with other games, the reason I play is always to get to the next level, unlock a new character, ect. There was always a driving force which said that if I play more, the game will be more fun. So i played, and seeing myself as a moderately intelligent person, realized this pattern. But with MD, it's different. You log on, play the tutorial, and BAM!-wait 12 hours to take your next action. I thought it was interesting, so i logged on every day to continue the story. But once you start playing the game, you realize that your actually experiencing it right from the beginning. If you don't enjoy MP3, the game will (most likely) not be more fun for you in the future. So if there was one game that I could potentially play my whole life, it would be Magic Duel. But if there is one game that I honestly cant play for more than two hours in a row, it would be, you guessed it, Magic Duel.

So those are my thoughts. When you play MD, are you looking forward to the future, or enjoying the moment? What makes you come back? Why is the active population so small?
(you don't actually have to answer the questions)

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When I was dong interviews from people in magic duel (Burns and Awiiya). Though there are few things I cant say I can I hope and able to share this. The idea was interesting and to me and the result was very interesting. It usually evolves in a few stages. The first is the combat system which is often the hook. What gets people involved. Then the community finalizes the complete includement that keeps them there. Ether it is simple talking with people or just a challenging question that somebody has a take on.

As for the small community several contributing factors i can think of. The first of course is the advancement its sort of slow. There is also people who think the creature fights would be sort of like Pokemon or some other turn based combat instead of solid strategy. The final is slow acceptance into the community. I have to say I struggled in the last aspect. That is why I only have 608 active days since Sept.30th 2007.

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I continue playing MD because I can't get what Magic Duel offers from any other game. What MD lacks in, i.e. it's lack of graphics or huge player base, it more than makes up for with the sense of identity it gives its' players. I used to be a huge MMO fan for the reason that they had these astounding graphics and were quite enjoyable, but have since stopped playing those in exchange for Magic Duel. The reason behind this is that MD addresses a problem that many chronic gamers face eventually: lack of uniqueness. This very problem is what made me turn to MD. Here, I can feel that I am an individual that contributes to the overall community in the game. When I log in, people recognize me and greet me. In Magic Duel, you can surround yourself in a role. Whether it be a king, an alliance leader, a combatant, or an Rper, each person you see in Magic Duel is their own person, something unique within the game that no one else can become or encompass. That's why I play MD over anything else.

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